Thursday, 14 May 2009

ben aflec needs acting school.

First off,
I have decided to change my name to something much more colourful.
pixie pop :]
secondly this ASDA smart price imitation nutella is grinding my gears,
not for the fact that it doesnt actually taste like chocolate or nuts whatsoever, but because I just cant seem to put the spoon down.
(thats right-straight from the jar.)
Today I have chosen to use my Mr.Apple kiddi winkie spoon.
R.I.P Mr.A :(
I miss him more than pearl harbour missed the point.
...So i have this smell that keeps coming and going all day today. Its the showergel i decided to wash through my hair quickly. and although i washed it after with a nicer, FCUK one, the smell keeps returning. RRR.
its a lovely smell but just a little too familar y'know?
brings back tiiimes. ...
Anyyywho, lets hope i find better things to blog in future .....
p.p x

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